Personal Coaching

The speciality of personal coaching may focus on differing aspects of your life including career, behaviour, health (i.e. stress management and burnout), interpersonal relationships and emotional growth. I practice a Biopsychosocial 360º approach when working with you to create desired change. I may suggest exploring NLPCBTGestalt,  Eriksonian Hypnotherapy or Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy approaches in your coaching programme. amongst other approaches, in my approach to your coaching. Whatever is needed to offer the greatest support and impact.



Carl Wahlers

PMP Project Manager/Supply Chain Manager/FMCG/Pharma/Voiceovers

Working with Lynda has been an extremely positive and encouraging experience. She is empathetic but also asks the tough questions that test our comfort zones - a great combination. One skill Lynda possesses is the ability to pick up on both verbal and non-verbal cues, which in turn helps to create awareness of our subconscious behavior and self talk. Then she helped me to work to change that on a conscious level with practical observation, tools and strategies. One such tool is Eriksonian Hypnosis, really helping to connect with positive past experiences that give us belief or confidence in ourselves. This is very powerful and is helping me to refer back to a positive experience where I felt valued. I look forward to using this tool regularly! I would have no hesitation in recommending Lynda to help you with your personal development either individually or in a group environment. My experience has been outstanding thus far, and Lynda's coaching and support is an important component of my journey of personal growth.