Interpersonal Coaching

PG cercle

At school we learn the importance of IQ, our intellectual intelligence. Corporates now offer many psychometric tests and coaching around EQ, our emotional intelligence quotient. This is considered an important aspect of interpersonal skills, and how we empathise, and communicate, with others.

I argue that there is a third quotient that is vitally important: PQ. The people / personal quotient. In psychology we refer to them as ‘interpersonal skills.’ Interpersonal skills are those skills which allow you to develop effective relationships with others. This could include social relationships or working relationships whether on a one to one basis or in a team. Interpersonal skills are essential skills to possess to be successful and happy in all aspects of life. I offer coaching for those who wish to develop better PQ skills in either a personal or mediation services or professional contexts including sales and conflict management. There is also an aspect of interpersonal coaching that is very particular to my skillset; our relationship with our own inner self. Experiences in life can lead us to develop limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging behaviours, and fixed mindsets. I have a particular approach to working with your subconscious belief systems that is elegant and effective. It has proven results.


Howard Brundrett

Corporate photographer

Lynda has been a game changer in my self development, through my sessions with her I am now able to look at my behaviour with a curiosity and investigation that I would never have contemplated before. Through Lynda's I help I have become more self aware and as a result I am stopping self destructive habits.