Executive coaching

Once used to bolster troubled staffers, coaching now is part of the standard leadership development training for elite executives and talented up-and-comers at IBM, Motorola, J.P. Morgan, Chase, and Hewlett Packard. These companies are discreetly giving their best prospects what star athletes have long had: a trusted adviser to help reach their goals.


The Benefits of Coaching in Organisations*:

* https://instituteofcoaching.org/coaching-overview/coaching-benefits

  • Empowers individuals and encourages them to take responsibility
  • Increases employee and staff engagement
  • Improves individual performance
  • Helps identify and develop high potential employees
  • Helps identify both organizational and individual strengths and development opportunities
  • Helps to motivate and empower individuals to excel
  • Demonstrates organizational commitment to human resource development

Executive coaching is now seen by organisations and MBA training programmes as a key aspect of developing talent and leadership ability. I work with clients varying from entrepreneurs, to managers, to C-suite level and direct senior leadership to help them to explore challenges and to develop core skills and self-awareness. Simply put, I accompany them to achieve their potential. Executives may work with me independently or as part of a coaching support offered by the company.

My ontological training was carried out with Terrie Lupberger of Newfield Institute and ITS London.


* https://instituteofcoaching.org/coaching-overview/coaching-benefits



Thao Nguyen

Digital Integration Manager at Accenture

Lynda helped to make my mind more efficient. She adjusted my perspective on professional and personal interactions so I am able to have a good judgement on critical situations and I am capable of wisely choosing the best response to each situation. Since working with Lynda my success rate in discussions, negotiations and role interviews has significantly increased. Knowing I have the capability to act in the best way possible at any given moment enables me to have an professional, calm and happy mindset and appearance throughout the day. It frees a lot of time and energy that I now can focus on getting the results I want. I didn’t LEARN from Lynda to sit at the table or keep my hand up like men do, as Sheryl Sandburg requested as necessary for a more equal world and better work results. More importantly I know I can rightfully sit comfortably at the table and keep my hand up when it is needed to no matter  who I face at this table and whoever I want to ask a question. In my opinion this is true empowerment.