Weight management

calories: tiny creatures that live in your wardrobe and sew your clothes tighter every night….

It’s a simple part of human behaviour that we try to justify our weight issues. We tell ourselves that we are big-boned, or that we are not eating enough calories to justify our weight gain, or we play victim to our inability to return to a healthy weight. This is about our mindset. Or, as I like to say, what beliefs are set in your mind!

All weight related issues should firstly be consulted with a registered medical professional. There can be underlying medical issues that need to be treated before any behavioural approach. Once medical clearance has been given to commence a weight management plan, it is very important to create a plan that focuses on mind, body, and social. Why? To understand the triggers or behaviours that lead to unhealthy eating practices. To address and reframe these behaviours, and then move forward with a new mindset. To create a lasting behavioural change approach that brings you to a healthier way of living your life. We co-design a practical way to change your eating behaviour using a combination of NLP, CBT, and Eriksonian hypnotherapy. I focus on the language of what you do want to achieve, a healthier way of living!