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Welcome to A Kaizen Mind.

We are all doing the best we can, with what resources we have, most of the time. What if you could have more? A Kaizen Mind coaching will ensure that you seize the day. That you continue to make your life or business extraordinary. I have programmes designed to get you what you want.


For the past two years I have been searching for just the right space to open a new cabinet in Lausanne. To meet the increasing demand for my services on the Swiss Riviera region, I needed to centralise between my Geneva and Vevey work-bases. I knew what I wanted, but it was a challenging task. I wanted this space to work in holistic connection with other professionals offering a high standard of complimentary work. I wanted to be part of an experience that offered client support for mind and body. I reached out to all of my connections, visited many spaces, and waited until I had found what felt just right. Et voila! I discovered the Mix Studio space. I found my home. Run by the glamazon Ale Bessler, Mix offers classes that are either vibrant or relaxing. A perfect partner for my mindfulness-based stress management and Burnout to Brilliance  programmes. For Ale and the Mix team, ‘Working out is our way of life. Music is our inspiration. We challenge you to strengthen not only your bodies but also your minds. We're about feeling good, igniting your passion and finding the fun in movement.’ Ale also has a 360 approach that focuses on nutrition, self-care and laughter. Together we offer a mind/body/spirit approach that is energised by our Irish, Swiss, Peruvian and New Yorker roots. Eclectic, fresh, and grounded in practicality.


Clients who have attended sessions at the new cabinet have also remarked on the excellent location on Rue de Bourg, one of Lausanne’s oldest and chicest cobbled shopping streets. Clients leave and love to peruse the beauty of the classic architecture and perhaps take a few moments of ‘me time’ as they saunter home or walk towards their choice of public transport options and numerous parking centres.


My Lausanne cabinet is nestled on the lower ground floor of Galeries de Rôtillons, at 11 Rue de Bourg. Here’s a little playful assistance to guide your journey there!


Coming from Place St. François you approach Rue de Bourg whilst gazing at the opulent windows of Bon Genie, teasing you with their sparkly wares. As you gaze slides left it falls upon the buttery leather of Bally. Testament to the long tradition of the leather and shoes ateliers of Bourg.

Upwards now and steal yourself past the powdery rainbow of Laduree, only to be immediately seduced by the chocolate offerings of Blondel, 150 years of naughty delights!

You will alight upon the charming cream bicycle outside Galeries de Rôtillons. But no need to jump on because you are almost there! Steal yourself away from the offerings in each shop as you wind your way down the spiral walkway. When you hear the music, you are just notes away from having A Kaizen Mind.




How can I help you today?

Kaizen Schools

“Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad.”

- Brian O’Driscoll, Irish and Lions rugby international.

Pressure from school, television and social media, combined with a lack of tools to understand the world around them, means it can be hard for our children to find the regular calm they need to avoid feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

This also applies to school staff and administration.

Our Kaizen Kids program has been designed to help students of all ages to understand how to manage the pressures of modern life in a fun, safe and interactive environment.

We’ve adapted well-loved techniques so that they can be easily learned and used by children, giving them a powerful toolkit for a happy and successful future.We also offer support for parents, please ask for details.


A little curious ?



Thao Nguyen

Lynda helped to make my mind more efficient. She adjusted my perspective on professional and personal interactions so I am able to have a good judgement on critical situations and I am capable of wisely choosing the best response to each situation. Since working with Lynda my success rate in discussions, negotiations and role interviews has significantly increased. Knowing I have the capability to act in the best way possible at any given moment enables me to have an professional, calm and happy mind set and appearance throughout the day. It frees a lot of time and energy that I now can focus on getting the results I want. I didn’t LEARN from Lynda to sit at the table or keep my hand up like men do, as Sheryl Sandburg requested as necessary for a more equal world and better work results. More importantly I know I can rightfully sit comfortably at the table and keep my hand up when it is needed to no matter I who I face at this table and whoever I want to ask a question. In my opinion this is true empowerment.


Carl Walhers

PMP Project Manager/Supply Chain Manager/FMCG/Pharma/Voiceovers

Working with Lynda has been an extremely positive and encouraging experience. She is empathetic but also asks the tough questions that test our comfort zones - a great combination. One skill Lynda possesses is the ability to pick up on both verbal and non-verbal cues, which in turn helps to create awareness of our subconscious behavior and self talk. Then she helped me to work to change that on a conscious level with practical observation, tools and strategies. One such tool is Eriksonian Hypnosis, really helping to connect with positive past experiences that give us belief or confidence in ourselves. This is very powerful and is helping me to refer back to a positive experience where I felt valued. I look forward to using this tool regularly! I would have no hesitation in recommending Lynda to help you with your personal development either individually or in a group environment. My experience has been outstanding thus far, and Lynda's coaching and support is an important component of my journey of personal growth.


Lottie Buschiazzo

Lynda m’a accompagnée dans ma réflexion professionnelle à la fin de mes études. Elle m’a été d’une précieuse aide pour comprendre mes ambitions, mes envies mais aussi ce que je ne voulais pas. Je me suis sentie soutenue et écoutée tout au long de notre travail. Elle avait vraiment à cœur de m’aider à trouver une réponse à toute mes questions et élaborer un plan d’action en ligne avec mes aspirations. Elle m’a également accompagnée dans mes premiers mois en entreprise en me donnant un regard objectif sur les situations que je vivais au quotidien. Je suis sure que cela m’a aidé à adopter une posture professionnelle et responsable dès le début. De par son parcours riche en expériences notamment, Lynda a été une source d’inspiration pour moi. Je ne saurais que la recommander à d’autres personnes qui se questionnent sur leur parcours professionnel et qui souhaitent être accompagnées.



I found Lynda to be extremely professional, creating a welcoming, safe, and relaxing environment. She provided a personalised approach, helping me identify my own specific issues. She led me through the process, at my own pace, giving me enough information to keep me moving, but not too much, so as to not overwhelm. She has helped me understand my challenges better, and put some suitable solutions in place. I cannot recommend her highly enough.


Niamh Fleming


Having experienced an extremely traumatic time in my life last year I felt hopeless, lost, worthless, scared, full of despair,

(hah .. I figured it out!!)

I could not see how to get through the darkness. I sought the help of a therapist which helped a lot but my mind still raced, I just could not control my anxiety. The "what if's", "if only's" ad "how can I's" consumed me.

Then Lynda stepped in and I will be forever grateful that she did. Even though we live in different countries Lynda was able to "talk" me through low times. With mindfulness techniques Lynda showed me how to step away from moments of anxiety, how to focus on "the now" and to be present in the moment both physically ad mentally.

Christmas was an exceptionally difficult time emotionally for me and again with Lyndas help I made it through and by mid January I felt like a completely different person. So much stronger and in control of my own emotions.

Lynda shared a meditation video with me that I use at night with my young children to help them get to sleep better and it works a treat every time.

I used to be sceptical about mindfulness but now I cannot recommend it enough and Lynda is amazing at what she does. I have changed so much with Lyndas help from afar, I can only imagine what I would be like if I met her in person.