‘We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit'


Do you have a systems view? Nine dots solution.

Solution:Look at the pattern of the arrows. How did you approach finding a solution to the nine dots problem that I posted last week? What state/ mood did you notice as you worked to finding a solution? Do you have a systems view? Does this experience tell you anything about yourself? Is there anything that…


Mindful Stress: Have you connected the dots yet?

Image Uger Peker   Nine Dots Connect up all the dots with four straight lines and without lifting the pencil and without retracting any of the lines o o o 0 0 0 o o o Notice the process your mind goes through to do this. Answer available soon.


Redundancy: Surfing the Corporate Tsunami

  Avoiding the déformation personelle.     Photo by Jordan Opel     Prologue I had initially intended a different blog, hence the delay. However recent developments in the corporate world, across two continents, have created a focus shift for me. I have had to react quickly to client needs. House of Fraser, Mothercare, Toys ’R…


What is A Kaizen Mind?

I’m taking this opportunity to give an abundant outline of my particular approach to coaching. To me a kaizen mind is a mind which has clarity and focus. It is a mind that has streamlined its’ cognitive processing to remove unwanted beliefs, values and thoughts. It is a mind that knows how to change the…