‘‘If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.’'
- Dr. Maya Angelou



My Story

I have spent my life being inspired by great leaders. I understand that the concept of 'great leader' is relative. To me it is about a way of being with yourself and with others. It is about confidence and clarity. It is also a constantly evolving process of change and challenge.

My approach to coaching is unique. I have so far completed over twenty years of professional experience and training in Dublin, London and Switzerland. I embody a growth mindset. Always reading, learning and applying my new discoveries. This curiosity has lead me to study literature, theatre, education, behaviourism, psychology, numerous psychotherapies, and coaching. I have one goal in mind: empowering people to reach their potential.

Essentially I take my depth of knowledge and apply it to my clients needs in an elegant and fluid way. I have honed this knowledge base into a structure and process that seems to flow for the client but is in fact layered with my understanding of psychology and behaviourism. In particular I have designed two new approaches: Mindful NLP and Cognitive Kaizen. You will leave my coaching process with the belief that you have in fact created your own changes and are able to sustain your future development.

I seek excellence for you and will help you to achieve it.

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